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Yoo hoo! Your intuition is calling.

Do you ever get that nagging feeling? Like something telling you to take a different path to work? Or not answer the phone because you won't like who is on the other line? That's your intuition knocking at your door.

Intuition is a powerful thing. It can give you a feeling that something good is just around the corner or prepare not so pleasant. Can you feel it? Can you hear it?

In card reading it is much of the same for me - from feeling to hearing from the other side; guiding me in the direction of the reading. Starting with which deck to use based on your question, down to the amount of time I shuffle the cards before drawing the cards that have been selected for your reading. Many think that I choose the cards, but that's not often the case. Some cards are chosen from the top of the deck when I finished shuffling but there are some occasions where cards seem to pop out of the deck as if to say "PICK ME!" These are the cards that have been chosen from so higher power. I am just a messenger, if you will, for that power to send a message through.

I enjoy being the one using my intuition to pass this message on to you. Whether it be for clarity, for healing, for that extra push to try something different. Being a part of someone's message is exciting. And I can't wait to share it with you all!

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