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Personal and Universal Resets

o would have ever thought that roughly two years ago, we would still be dealing with COVID restrictions and mandates today? It’s been quite the haul for all of this stuff, but maybe we will be seeing that light at the end of the tunnel sooner, rather than later. During this time, I have done a lot of shadow work and journeying to understand why all of this was happening.

Though we may not understand things when they happen, the message or lesson comes to us afterward. We have to take each day with stride to be able to see what is laid out before us – either driven by our own self-determination or what the universe has planned for us.

I have learned through all of this that when our bodies and our souls need a break, we either listen to our internal needs or the universe forces break upon us. We need to take time outs to reset our minds, rejuvenate our souls and reset our focus. Many times, we keep pushing ourselves to the fullest or until we physically can no longer keep moving forward at the pace that we were at. And sometimes, those forced breaks are very hard lessons to digest or accept at the time. While our intentions and determination may be fierce, the universe may tell us we need to slow down not only to rest but to also be able to live in the moment. Fast is not always best, just ask the Hare and Tortoise.

When we take time to take in everything that is happening around us, can process all that we are responding to, and live more in the moment, that’s when we can fully appreciate all we have been given, show gratitude, and give our best. Take those personal and universal resets when they present themselves. Learn to enjoy the breaks that we need to rest, rejuvenate and reset. The universe wants us to!


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