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Let's Ground It Out!

Many clients come to me where their soul is worn out, they are sick of people, sick of society, and just plain tired of the "new norm". I get it. Life is not what it used to be, but neither are we. We have adapted, changed our thought process, and most importantly, evolved as a person. But how do we shake what we used to think was just the "winter blues" and get back feeling semi-alive again?

Grounding is a great first step. But what is grounding? Grounding, otherwise known as earthing, is how we electrically reconnect to the Earth. Being one with the Earth has positive effects on your body. Though science has to catch up on this topic and technique, spending time reconnecting to nature.

There are many types of grounding techniques that will help you feel more at peace and restored. To name a few, try:

Walking barefoot

Lying on the ground

Submersing yourself in water

Use grounding equipment like mats, sheets, blankets, socks, bands, or patches

While the above name some of the easiest ways to ground, I know what you are thinking. In many areas of the world, we are experiencing less than ideal temperatures outside to complete some tasks. But isn't the point of these techniques is to have the intention to reconnect with the Earth? How can we walk around barefoot outside in the dirt when it's 10 degrees in WI? Let's think outside of the box on this one, or let's jump in the box! Take a storage tub and place some potting soil or sand in it. Stand or sit with your feet on the contents and feel the recharge. Go outside and make snow angels if you have snow. Take a long bath with salts and essential oils. Re-pot your inside plants so your hands can play with the dirt. Stand outside and take a wind bath, letting the breeze carry away all of what is holding you back. The adaptations to accomplish grounding outside or inside are what you make them!

Grounding doesn't have to be an expensive or luxurious process. It needs to be intentional, and a mindful reconnection to the Earth. Many who complete grounding exercises feel improvements in their symptoms, and these techniques should not replace working with your medical professional regarding your health. Some studies have shown that symptoms from the following conditions have been reduced when using grounding techniques:

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain



Sleep Disorders

Cardiovascular Disease

So the next time you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or not like yourself, give yourself grace and try to ground it out!


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