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When Life Gives You a Wall, Lean.

It seems that life gets busier and more complicated heading into the holiday season. More responsibilities, more to organize, more of everything! Sometimes it seems that the more we push to accomplish more, the harder it is to do so. As with everything in life, the more we push against the Universe’s plan, the harder the Universe pushes back.

As you know, I recently opened a new space for my business and it has been wonderful to have a space to meet with many of you face to face. I also have two active girls with a husband whose schedule can change on a dime. No matter the amount of planning and organization I think I have down, I too get the push back from the Universe.

So, what do I do when the Universe puts up a wall to my plans? I lean. I lean into that wall because it was put there to slow me down, to hold me up, to force me to take a breath. I think we all need that roadblock now and then to have us pause, take a breather and reset.

With the upcoming holidays, give yourself grace. Practice the pause. Take breaks when you need them before the Universe forces you to. Enjoy the moments that you have with family and friends. Appreciate the littlest of things. And remember how blessed you are each day!

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