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Changing Diet, Changing Thoughts

Why is it that when we think of the word “diet” we associate that word with things that we are losing? Food choices. Time. Weight. Right? “Diet” always seems to make us think of the restrictions associated with a change. Change in eating, change in exercise, change in time management to get things accomplished.

Honestly, I used to think of “diet” that way too. But everything that we see, eat and take into our bodies in any way is part of our diet. Our bodies are complex, and just like plants, we need nourishment to make them flourish. We need good nutrients to help us grow and be healthy. We need water to keep our bodies in working order – regulating our temperature; moisten tissue in our eyes, nose, and mouth; protect our organs and tissues; carry nutrients and oxygens through our blood; dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to your body – just to name a few reasons. We need oxygen to help create energy within our bodies and vitamin D from the sun to help maintain our mental health. But do you pay attention to the information or the “word” diet that you take in and how your body reacts?

Diets aren’t just for our physical well-being, but also for our mental well-being too. So many times, I feel that we, as a culture, are not aware that all that we hear – through the news, social media, reading, radio, and music – can play an integral part in how we feel and how our bodies absorb all that we are taking in.

I have changed what I have allowed being fed into my body in my word diet. I have turned off the news, limited my TV consumption, and changed radio channels just to see how my body feels. It’s amazing! My experience has been that I am not so on edge, not quick to argue and I am more relaxed. I still know what’s going on in the world but it doesn’t need to consume me for me to be informed. I listen more to conversations (through what’s being said verbally and non-verbally) and most importantly, I am present in my daily living.

I challenge you to become more aware of your daily “diet”. Make a few changes just to see how your body reacts. Keep a journal to record your body's reactions. Be present!


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