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Controlling What We Can Control

I'm sure that many of you can relate that there is a lot to do during your day, week, or month. And it seems that more and more gets added to our plates, especially when you have a growing family. We can all try our best to get things as organized as possible, to schedule out details like lunches, meetings, travel time, rides, etc. But even with the best of intentions, life can throw us a monkey wrench. Maybe someone gets sick, you get a flat tire, or an unexpected emergency throws us off financially.

When life gives us a curve, we may not be able to control what the curveball entails. We can, however, choose how we react to it. Do we start yelling and screaming? Do we throw in the towel? Do we ignore it and hope it goes away? Even with the best of intentions, planning, and articulation, everything we have worked on can go to Hell in a handbasket in one fail swoop.

I'll admit, I am guilty of several of these actions, but after I'm done with the initial shock of whatever that curveball is, I just give it up to Spirit and let it be what it will be. I know that my guides are trying to teach me something - patience, how to talk and prepare my children, or how to just release and let it be. It's taken me 40+ years to get to that point, but I'm there.

How do you react to unplanned changes? What are the coping skills that you use to adjust to stressors? How can you learn from what you are going through? Whatever you do that works for you, you need to trust that process that it's the right one exactly for you.


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