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Dealing with the Shadows

Recently, I had a Shadow Work reading with a Hopi Shaman. I had followed this Shaman online for quite some time and have always been drawn to the Hopi Culture. She was offering a reading that I had never heard of before, and when reading the description of what this reading entailed, I was quite intrigued and scheduled with her.

Shadow Work, for me, is dealing with or working traumas/issues from the past that haven’t been processed. We all have shadows, don’t we? I knew that whatever I had been doing to “deal” with them was not working and the process was just repeating each time I was triggered. Heading into this reading, I was excited and nervous all in one. But once I had met with her all of my anxiousness disappeared.

It’s hard heading into a reading like this knowing that the person reading you, someone you have never met, is going to identify all of the things that you have been hiding or disliking about yourself for as long as you can remember. Is it hard hearing these things – YES! However, it wasn’t as painful as one might assume.

This reading consisted of her working with the elements, directions, and spirit guides to not only identify my shadows but how to effectively work through them. It was liberating to hear everything that I couldn’t continue to try to process on my own and how to seek guidance from spirit to work through it. Most people would hear this information and curl back up to hide from doing any of this work but it can be overwhelming, like moving mountains. But for me, it was empowering and exciting that I can change my thinking and move past these things that have been holding me back for so long. I wasn’t waiting to get started. I dedicated that entire next day to start my journey to a new me. Literally, I journeyed and reflected most of the next day. Was it easy – No! Was it worth it – ABSOLUTELY!

Since this reading, my relationships have changed for the better. My commitment to my business and working with spirit has been renewed and my perspective on life and how to deal with it has shifted to the now, without putting things on the back burner any longer.

Is the process over? No. Like all processes, it continues to evolve and so do I.


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