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What I Have Learned on my Shamanic Journey . . . So Far.

Back in 2018, I was at home nursing my broken leg (and ego) from falling while roller skating. It was a truly crushing and humbling experience and one that I did not fully understand at the time. During my days of literally sitting around, as I was not weight-bearing, I found a free shamanic presentation from well-known American Shaman Sandra Ingerman. I signed up to listen to this presentation and set the time and date on my phone calendar. When the day arrived, I was eager to hear what she was presenting. I eagerly took in every word she said and felt a connection to this modality.

I had been looking for information on Shamanism and someone to study under for a while as this was a calling for me. I search the internet for teachers near me but didn’t feel a connection or drive to work with anyone that I found. I knew that if this work was meant for me, the universe would present the opportunity. And boy did it deliver!

I was just finishing setting up to give readings at a local Psychic Fair when I sat down at my table to see a large banner in front of me . . . “Shamanic Reiki”! That day I spent my time giving readings, but whenever I was not with a client getting a nudge by Spirit to inquire more about the modality from the person sitting directly across from me. I went over and introduced myself to this practitioner and low and behold she was starting an in-person class to dive deeper into Shamanic practices, focusing on women. I took her flyer, probably reading it 20 times that day, and signed up for the 12-month class the next day.

And the rest they say is history! Going on 3 years and into an apprenticeship, I am going strong with my learning. I am not only learning techniques to help my clients, I am also learning to go deeper within myself to find guidance, clarity, and most of all, personal strength. This has been such an incredible journey so far that I cannot wait to see where it takes me!


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